Greetings! I hope that this edition of the newsletter for the Texas Woodcarvers Guild finds all of you doing well. Many folks in our country have been through many major ordeals this year and our hearts go out to them.

    With the October 1st registration startup for the 2018 TWG event we are excited to have an excellent lineup of instructors. The upcoming event dates are ss follows. Friday April 6th is setup for the show, April 7th and 8th are the dates for show and mini classes, April 9th thru the 13th are the regular seminar dates. As noted before we will once again be having mini seminars during the show. We are excited to have many excellent returning instructors as well as some very talented new instructors join us for the 2nd event to be held in Cleburne Texas. Please make NOTE of the change in policy concerning seminar changes! Please sign up early for the best opportunity to get the seminars of your choice. Many of these seminars fill quickly. Waiting lists will be available, but why take a chance?  Sign up early! We are looking into having some noncarvers activities, most of which will be signed up for at the event.

     The Texas Woodcarvers Guild will be looking to fill some positions at the upcoming event. An organization is made up of many different people with lots of ideas and talents. This will be an opportunity for you to step up and contribute to YOUR organization, bringing in your ideas and talents. Please take this into deep consideration if asked or volunteer youself. 

                                   Alan Heuston 
                                   Vice President 


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